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UART CUBE贊助台灣頂尖車手,疫情下再戰國際賽事!


2022年1月22日,印有UART CUBE LOGO的賽車,登上阿布達比6小時耐久賽(Hankook 6H Abu Dhabi Endurance Race)賽場!


發源自美國LA的UART CUBE是一間以”藝術IP”與”潮流玩具”商品為主題的選物品牌,針對特別性、稀有性以及未來潛力作為評估要點,精選備受年輕世代所喜愛的「輕收藏」選品,並以「Make Fun!」為核心價值經營,希望將美好的生活品味帶給更多消費者。


除了著力於輕收藏市場,UART CUBE 同樣關注國際賽車賽事,去年就曾贊助三級方程式(F3)車隊Evansgp,今年更將贊助對象轉往國內頂尖賽車手 - 陳意凡與義大利車隊LP Racing 的合作組合,把台灣車手帶往國際賽事殿堂。


本次參賽組合由賽車推廣平台Drive DOPE主導,邀請台灣知名賽車手陳意凡與義大利國際車隊 LP Racing以及Drive DOPE創辦人兼業餘車手李育全(Thomas)一同攜手參賽,全新的合作模式令人振奮!


回顧【Hankook 6H Abu Dhabi Endurance Race 2022】賽事,由陳意凡起跑從第三排位一路追到第一領先,車手與團隊們都努力希望能繼續維持著第一到最後,遺憾因為車輛故障問題,考量車況最終被迫選擇退賽。即便結果不盡理想,過程中仍創下諸多精彩時刻,包含陳意凡在練習賽中跑出全場最快的亮眼成績,團隊堅強實力有目共賭,未來賽事上的表現令人期待!

UART CUBE sponsored Taiwanese top racer to compete in international events during the epidemic.


On January 22, 2022, the racing car with UART CUBE logo participated Hankook 6H Abu Dhabi Endurance Race!


UART CUBE is a selection brand focusing on contemporary art merchandise and trendy gadgets founded in LA. Products are selected carefully that are loved by the younger generation, picked with its uniqueness, rarity, and potentiality. Take "Make Fun!" as the core value, hoping to bring a better life taste to more consumers.


Besides focusing on the collection market, UART CUBE also pays attention to international racing events. In the past one year, we have sponsored F3 team “Evansgp”. This year, the sponsor transfer to the top domestic racing driver – Evan Chen and the Italian team LP Racing, to bring Taiwanese racer to the halls of international competitions.


This competition is led by the racing promotion platform Drive DOPE, invited the well-known Taiwanese racing driver Evan Chen, the Italian international team LP Racing and the founder of driver Drive DOPE - amateur driver Thomas Lee, to join hands in the competition. The new cooperation model is exciting!


Looking back at Hankook 6H Abu Dhabi Endurance Race 2022 event, Evan started from the third row and chased the lead all the way to the first place. The driver and team work hard to maintain the first place to the end. Unfortunately, due to the vehicle failure, considering the condition of the car the team was forced to retire. Even if the results were not ideal, there were still many great moments in the process, including Evan Chen’s fastest dazzling performance in the practice match, the team's strength and the performance in future competitions is definitely to look forward to!


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